March 26, 2019

Physical Fitness can actually treat lung and bowel cancers

We know that being physically fit have it’s own advantages. Physical Activities boosts the functioning of brain. It enhances cognitive function of your brain . A new study of a big and different group of people shows that the idea of being Physically fit can help to protect you again cancers. This study has conducted on 49 thousand of patients who had undergone physical activities stress tests of fitness from 1991 to 2009.

The group had the composition of 46% female , 64% white , 29% black , andb1% Hispanic . This research has conducted by the Henry Ford Healthy System and the researches from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine . They also showed that adults who are physically fit have the lower chances of cancers.

The researchers said that this is the first time when a study has included women and covered such a large number of individuals who are black.

Importance to study the effect of fitness on cancers.

Lung cancer is one the leading cause of death in United States Of America. Over 154 thousands of death has been recorded in the US in the year of 2018 , which is approximately 25 percent of all the cancer deaths. Most of the people have controlled their cardiovascular health by doing physical activities regularly and by going gym . There are convincing evidence which says that high or even low level of exercises can actually reduce the risk of cardiovascular cancers in men and women .

Fitness leads to lesser risk

The individuals were around the age of 40-70 years old . They did not have cancer they were just for measurements. Researchers measured cardiorespiratory fitness in metabolic equivalents of task (METs) . Then researchers out them in groups according to their METs scores .

The researchers found that the individuals who scored more that 12 in METs has a 77 percent lower risk of having any lung cancer andb62 percent of less chance for colorectal cancer as compared to those who scored less than 6 in METs test.

Better Chances Of Survival

The research showed that individuals who were diagnosed with lung cancer or colorectal cancer, those individuals who has highest level of cardiovascular health had a less risk of dying from these two health issues. It was like 44 percent chances of death for healthy individuals and 89 percent chances of death for diseased individuals.

They say that “largest study performed to date,” higher levels of cardiorespiratory fitness were “associated with a lower risk of incident lung and colorectal cancer in men and women, and a lower risk of allā€cause mortality among those diagnosed with lung or colorectal cancer.”

So, these research shows that a well maintained physical health leads to a well stable state of mind . This state can actually reduces the risk of having lung cancer and colorectal cancer. So, start to do some physical activities on the daily bases. Change your lifestyle for better life.…

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