April 14, 2019

Advantages of having a physically fit body

If a person is fit he or she has enhanced capability to live his or her life on its full extent. Physical and mental fitness play very significant role in our life . A person who is physically fit has very less chances to have some disease. They more mentally stable and healthier. They have flexible thinking skill . Which leads for a stable mental state. They have better decision making skill than other.

FITNESS. What Does It Mean.

Fitness does not mean to be physically fit or healthy , it also refers to person’s mental fitness as well. If a person is physically fit but mentally unwell than he or she would not be able to do their work normally. Their body would not be able to function well. You can only be mentally fir by being a physically fit person. By eating right and doing exercise regularly you can help yourself

Key benefits of being physically fit

People who are well physically fit ,they are also healthy. Which means they have well maintained body weight which leads them to work efficiently and by which they have very less chances to have disease like cardiovascular disease, less cholesterol level , well maintained blood pressure. They are mentally stable as well. They do not face any problems related to mental illness. If a person is mentally and physically fit than he or she can handle the ups and downs of life very easily . They do not face any depression , fatigue. They do not get detached from their work.

Ways by which we can be physically fit.

For being physically fit you have to make some changes in your lifestyle. You have to give some extra time to your exercises and physical activities , and you have to eat healthier food as well. So, you have to make changes in your diet as well. You have avoid soft sugary drinks, fatty foods like pizzas, burger and other stuffs like this. You have start to eat healthy foods like vegetables and fruits. You have to avoided fast food . Even you have to stop smoking and consuming alcohol. They all have strong impact on our health . They unbalanced the level of chemicals like hormones in our body .

Advantages of being active

Being active means that you have a well maintained physique and a very stable mind. Which means that you can do your work very efficiently and delicately. Being physically and mentally fit decreases the risk of some disease like type 2 diabetes, heart related problems like coronary artery disease , cancer and depression. Exercises put strong impact on our Bone’s health as well . It makes them strong and let you safe from bones related problems like osteoporosis. So, you do not have to face knee pain like issue in your old age .

So, now make a proper time management for your work and very importantly just give 30 minutes to your physical activities and exercises daily.…

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