April 14, 2019

Advantages of having a physically fit body

If a person is fit he or she has enhanced capability to live his or her life on its full extent. Physical and mental fitness play very significant role in our life . A person who is physically fit has very less chances to have some disease. They more mentally stable and healthier. They have flexible thinking skill . Which leads for a stable mental state. They have better decision making skill than other.

FITNESS. What Does It Mean.

Fitness does not mean to be physically fit or healthy , it also refers to person’s mental fitness as well. If a person is physically fit but mentally unwell than he or she would not be able to do their work normally. Their body would not be able to function well. You can only be mentally fir by being a physically fit person. By eating right and doing exercise regularly you can help yourself

Key benefits of being physically fit

People who are well physically fit ,they are also healthy. Which means they have well maintained body weight which leads them to work efficiently and by which they have very less chances to have disease like cardiovascular disease, less cholesterol level , well maintained blood pressure. They are mentally stable as well. They do not face any problems related to mental illness. If a person is mentally and physically fit than he or she can handle the ups and downs of life very easily . They do not face any depression , fatigue. They do not get detached from their work.

Ways by which we can be physically fit.

For being physically fit you have to make some changes in your lifestyle. You have to give some extra time to your exercises and physical activities , and you have to eat healthier food as well. So, you have to make changes in your diet as well. You have avoid soft sugary drinks, fatty foods like pizzas, burger and other stuffs like this. You have start to eat healthy foods like vegetables and fruits. You have to avoided fast food . Even you have to stop smoking and consuming alcohol. They all have strong impact on our health . They unbalanced the level of chemicals like hormones in our body .

Advantages of being active

Being active means that you have a well maintained physique and a very stable mind. Which means that you can do your work very efficiently and delicately. Being physically and mentally fit decreases the risk of some disease like type 2 diabetes, heart related problems like coronary artery disease , cancer and depression. Exercises put strong impact on our Bone’s health as well . It makes them strong and let you safe from bones related problems like osteoporosis. So, you do not have to face knee pain like issue in your old age .

So, now make a proper time management for your work and very importantly just give 30 minutes to your physical activities and exercises daily.…

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March 26, 2019

Physical Fitness can actually treat lung and bowel cancers

We know that being physically fit have it’s own advantages. Physical Activities boosts the functioning of brain. It enhances cognitive function of your brain . A new study of a big and different group of people shows that the idea of being Physically fit can help to protect you again cancers. This study has conducted on 49 thousand of patients who had undergone physical activities stress tests of fitness from 1991 to 2009.

The group had the composition of 46% female , 64% white , 29% black , andb1% Hispanic . This research has conducted by the Henry Ford Healthy System and the researches from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine . They also showed that adults who are physically fit have the lower chances of cancers.

The researchers said that this is the first time when a study has included women and covered such a large number of individuals who are black.

Importance to study the effect of fitness on cancers.

Lung cancer is one the leading cause of death in United States Of America. Over 154 thousands of death has been recorded in the US in the year of 2018 , which is approximately 25 percent of all the cancer deaths. Most of the people have controlled their cardiovascular health by doing physical activities regularly and by going gym . There are convincing evidence which says that high or even low level of exercises can actually reduce the risk of cardiovascular cancers in men and women .

Fitness leads to lesser risk

The individuals were around the age of 40-70 years old . They did not have cancer they were just for measurements. Researchers measured cardiorespiratory fitness in metabolic equivalents of task (METs) . Then researchers out them in groups according to their METs scores .

The researchers found that the individuals who scored more that 12 in METs has a 77 percent lower risk of having any lung cancer andb62 percent of less chance for colorectal cancer as compared to those who scored less than 6 in METs test.

Better Chances Of Survival

The research showed that individuals who were diagnosed with lung cancer or colorectal cancer, those individuals who has highest level of cardiovascular health had a less risk of dying from these two health issues. It was like 44 percent chances of death for healthy individuals and 89 percent chances of death for diseased individuals.

They say that “largest study performed to date,” higher levels of cardiorespiratory fitness were “associated with a lower risk of incident lung and colorectal cancer in men and women, and a lower risk of allā€cause mortality among those diagnosed with lung or colorectal cancer.”

So, these research shows that a well maintained physical health leads to a well stable state of mind . This state can actually reduces the risk of having lung cancer and colorectal cancer. So, start to do some physical activities on the daily bases. Change your lifestyle for better life.…

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January 30, 2019

Be physically fit and do regular exercise to get rid of bowel and lung cancer.

A recent research done by scientists on various people to study the effect of physical exercise on the human body and on cancer. The results was shocking. It concluded that it can help protect against cancer. Working with the Henry Ford Health System in Detroit, MI, researchers from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore, MD, saw how the fittest adults had the lowest risk of lung and colorectal cancer.

What actually a colorectal cancer is.

Colorectal cancer, also known as bowel cancer, colon cancer, or rectal cancer, is a type of cancer which attacks on the colon and recy which is a part of your intestine. It is very common nowadays, specially in United States of America. At least 1 in every 21 men are affected from this type of cancer and 1 in every 23 women is also suffering from this type of cancer. It is the second most leading cause of death from cancer in women and third most for the men.


Symptoms of colorectal cancer include:

.changes in bowel habits
.diarrhea or constipation
.a feeling that the bowel does not empty properly after a bowel movement
.blood in feces that makes stools look black
.bright red blood coming from the rectum
.pain and bloating in the abdomen
.a feeling of fullness in the abdomen, even after not eating for a while.
.fatigue or tiredness
.unexplained weight loss
.a lump in the abdomen or the back passage felt by your doctor
.unexplained iron deficiency in men, or in women after menopause

The study was held at a very large scale and have experimented on many types of people. The people participated in this research was between 40 to 70 years old ones. This study includes 49,143 patients. Men, women, white, black and even Hispanic also. According to data from this experiment the composition of the group was 46 percent females, 64 percent whites, 29 percent black and 1 percent Hispanics.

This research was held to monitor effect of physical fitness on different categories of people’s just to make sure that it has effect on everybody not depending on their gender or race or anything which categories humans.

Our findings,” says first study author Dr. Catherine Handy Marshall, who is an assistant professor of oncology at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, “are one of the first, largest, and most diverse cohorts to look at the impact of fitness on cancer outcomes.”

Many heavy machines and several tests was also included in this research. The result was very inretesting as it shows many outcomes one can feel by exercising on daily basis. The chance of the patients of having lung or bowel cancer was reduced very significantly. The chances 9f their death is also reduced about 50 to 80 percent.

The people who participated in this experiment was very happy as they are now fit and healthy and are now safe from cancers by much extent.…

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